Stressed and Confused

by Kiana Delery
(Lacombe, Louisiana USA)

My family and I are not accustomed to country living, especially with well water. I was not aware of the real estate my husband purchased. Therefore, I was not able to research the property and ask questions. Anyway, we didn't realize the problems of the well water system until after moving in. The water is brownish, which creeped me out. Now, there is no water flowing into the house or the tank. I really don't understand the system we have. My husband didn't get any information on our water supply system before purchasing. So, I'm stuck researching online for any type of information. It seems it's a dry well problem, but I have no clue and no idea of where to start to get a clue.

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Well Water Disappointments and Confusions - Been There :-(
by: Teej

So sorry about that, I remember when I was a kid and our family moved to a fancy area, but with well water! I remember it smelled SO bad, and we actually had to walk half mile back in the yard to pump it and get it started sometimes.

Did you talk with your realtor? Talk with the former owners and see what they did (or didn't do)?

What about the city? What do they say and what are their laws about this? How about neighbors who faced the same thing?

Researching online is good, but I'd get some more facts and info behind my research first. Locally is different than nationally.

I any case, I wish you the best!!! Good luck.

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